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Parkinson's disease

Date: May 2011


A definite diagnosis of Parkinson's disease by a Consultant Neurologist. There must be permanent clinical impairment of motor function with associated tremor, rigidity of movement and postural instability.

For the above definition, the following is not covered:

  • Parkinson's disease secondary to drug abuse
  • other Parkinsonain syndromes


What does this mean?

Parkinson’s disease causes a disturbance of voluntary movement. It causes tremors in the limbs and head and rigidity of the muscles. The condition usually takes a long time to progress and some drugs are available which can slow the process down even further but treatment becomes less effective as time goes by.

For a claim to be paid the onset of Parkinson’s disease must be idiopathic. This means it must have developed naturally rather than because of some other medical treatment or illness.

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