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Date: May 2011


The undergoing of surgery on the advice of an appropriate medical specialist to remove an entire lung for disease or traumatic injury suffered by the life assured.

For the above definition the following are not covered:

  • removal of a lobe of the lungs (lobectomy)
  • lung resection or incision.


Definition update history:

Pneumonectomy May 2011

What does this mean?

Pneumonectomy is the removal of a complete lung. This procedure is most often used to treat lung cancer when less radical surgery cannot achieve satisfactory results. It may also be the most appropriate treatment for a tumour located near the centre of the lung that affects the pulmonary artery or veins, which transport blood between the heart and lungs. In addition, pneumonectomy may be the treatment of choice when the patient has a traumatic chest injury that has damaged the main air passage (bronchus) or the lung’s major blood vessels so severely that they cannot be repaired.

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